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Pipe Installation and Maintenance

Pipe Installation and Maintenance

Nothing is worse than having a dripping pipe or a frozen pipe that has disrupted the entire plumbing system in your house. Simply give us a call and we would be there to serve you and replace any cracked or frozen pipes.

Water Heaters

Water Heaters

We specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of water heaters. We have specialized team of certified professionals that can deal with all kinds and brands of water heaters.

Sink and Toilets

Sink and Toilets

Hair, grease or vegetable peels can all clog the drains and cause a lot of problems for the home owners. We provide our customers with competent and efficient services that are designed to help you unclog your sinks and toilets.

3 Common Problems That Might Signal You Need a Plumber


Fixing something with your own hands can feel very rewarding and can also provide you with a sense of pride, but some issues are beyond the skills and abilities of a common person. In such circumstances it becomes essential to seek help from a professional plumber. Below we share some cases where it becomes necessary to get the help from a professional plumber.

Leakage and Seepage

Seepages and leakages can cause a lot of problems for a homeowner. Research suggests that the insurance agencies receive the highest complaints for the damage through seepage. A leaking pipe or toilet can cause significant damage to the walls and compromise the structural integrity of the house.

If you see moisture or feel a foul smell in the house then it is recommended to seek the help of a professional plumber.

Frozen or Broken pipes

Pipes suffer a lot of strain in the daily use. If you see a broken or damaged pipe then it might be necessary to call a professional plumber to assist you in replacing the damaged pipe.

Most areas that suffer from harsh winters need to install their pipes deep in the ground to avoid freezing. Seek a professional plumber to help you with such cases.

Malfunctioning water heater

Water heaters work on pressure and use complex mechanism to provide you with hot water. If you experience some kinds of problem with your water heater then you should never try to fix it by yourself, doing so could lead to a major disaster. Call a professional plumber to help you fix your water heater problem.

4 Simple Steps To Fixing Leaking Faucets


There is nothing more annoying than hearing a dripping sound from your kitchen or bathroom sink at night due to a leaking faucet. The leaks in the faucet is a common occurrence that is very easy to fix. We provide simple techniques that you can use to fix a leaky faucet without requiring the help of a professional plumber.

1) If your faucet has two handles that are used to control the flow of cold and hot water then it uses set of washers. These washers can become loose or break over time and cause a leakage in the faucets. Try replacing the washers in order to fix this leaking problem in your faucet.

2) If your faucet is leaking from the handle. It is more than likely that the leak is caused by a damaged O-ring. O-rings are used in the faucet to provide a water seal in the faucet that prevents the water from leaking. This O-Ring can get damaged overtime and replacing it could fix the leaking handle problem.

3) If you have a cartridge faucet in your home and it starts to leak then it is highly likely that the fault has occurred due to the damaged Cartridge. A damaged cartridge is usually not fixable and you would need to replace the entire cartridge to correct the problem.

4) If you have tried all above suggestions and still cannot properly fix the faucet then the repair might be beyond your skills. In such a case getting the help of a professional plumber is a much better idea.

Pet Owners – Here’s How To Keep Your Drains Clean


Most American household have at least one pet. These furry friends can shed a lot of hairs that can clog the drains. Below we share some tips to keep your drains in tip top condition while giving your pet regular baths.

1) Pets especially dogs can lose a lot of hairs

Using a strainer during the baths can ensure that all the hair from your pet are not drained into the drains. Hair is one of the major causes of blockages in the pipes across America. Adopting this simple tip can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

2) Most pet owners tend to flush the cat litter in the drains

This can get stuck to the linings of the pipes and cause a lot of issues like clogged drains or over flooding toilets. Cat litter can also cause unpleasant odors in the drains. Therefore you should use a trash bin to get rid of the cat litter instead of flushing it in the toilets.

3) Pets can get in the habit of drinking water from the toilet bowls

That can cause a lot of harm to their health. If your pet has such habit then you might need to refresh their water more often. Try to change the water in their bowl frequently so your pet has healthy water to drink and does not have to go to toilet to sate its thirst.

4) Dogs love to chew on different things

Therefore if you have any exposed pipes or drains that the dogs can chew on it is recommended to hide those pipes. Some small pets can also get stuck in such drains if such a situation occurs with you call a professional plumber as soon as you can.